What is situationism?

The name of a political-artistic movement founded in Europe in 1960.
The movement’s main message is a critique of the extravagant, lavish society driven by consumerism and images displayed in the media. The movement offers subversive political and artistic alternatives that create occasional, somewhat random connections and creative symbiosis between systems that do not usually share common grounds. These alternatives express the crave for rebuilding and reformatting everyday life by creating unexpected and isolated situations, islands of freedom and imagination. 
Situationism has had long-lasting influence on the worlds of architecture, urban planning, cultural criticism and more.

The main idea behind the post-it notebook we created was to break the routine, and present the individual purchasing the notebook with a challenge – calling them to break their own routine and act outside their norm, thus altering their outlook on their everyday life. The disposable nature of the notebook accentuates the uniqueness of non-routine encounters and actions.
The Layout:

On one side you can see the founders of the movement,
On the other side you can see the cause for action we created.
Social Media Effect
created by Avia Sophie Cohen and myself as part of our studies at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.
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