The target audience of my campaign are web and graphic designers.

The goal is to spark passion and create hype around the platform, creating interest and drive to try the platform out,
ultimately resulting in paying users.

The main pain point tackled by the concept is the hardships and complications that accompany the traditional process of creating and designing a site. By removing the need for a programmer or a constricting template the user can create their vision with full control.
They have the ability to move objects around easily and solve any creative issues instantly, the designer has complete autonomy over their design.

Final approach: GIFs/posts on social media showcasing the simplicity in creating your vision through the platform. Communicating the versatility while emphasizing typography changes, placing and adjusting text and the ease of adjusting the same site to different mediums (Breaking points etc.). Utilizing a new platform with similar controls.
The Landing page for the campaign​​​​​​​
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