Facebook Dv360 ads
A successful monday Dev Test campaign. With a focus on dev-oriented personas, we achieved an exceptionally high number of clicks, surpassing our expectations. By leveraging the power of Facebook Ads and Data Visualization, we strategically targeted and engaged the developer community. The impressive click-through rates (CTRs) demonstrate the effectiveness of our tailored approach.
Marketing automation - Email marketing
As a designer, I've had the privilege of creating a compelling series of newsletters for new signups to our platform, monday.com. The primary objective behind these designs is to effectively convert trial users into long-term customers while providing them with valuable education on how to maximize the benefits of monday Dev and monday CRM.
As part of the SEO team, our main goal was to refine the landing page for maximum conversion by utilizing A/B testing while focusing on:
1. Clearly communicating the value proposition of monday.com.
2. Showcasing the power and ease of use of our monday's UI.
3. Optimizing the visibility and appeal of the "Get Started" button.
4. Including social proof and testimonials to build trust.
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