My final project at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design - a book made of real countries’ anthems, displayed in the context of a love song book. By disconnecting the anthems from their nationalistic association, we gain a new perspective and meaning of absurdity. The songs contain infographics of universal categories that repeat in almost every anthem: military and war, religion and monarchy, love and humanization, a mention of the name of the country, and borders and landscapes.
“Best of” section - the country with the highest number of mentions pertaining to a specific category received its own double spread.
After every “best of” category’s double spread, I created a spread of all marked words in the specific category from all anthems.
The pictures in the book were taken by the photographer Jordi Bernardo.
I then created one big database to store all the content.
It took a while to minimize the amount of data I have collected
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